Technical information

Delivery release

  • Files are provided in PDF format and not higher than the 1.4 version.
  • Information provided in a single file, or in separate pages, corresponding to the product pagination, don’t use spread function.
  • The files must be composite, without  miror.
  • Information provided as separate files pagination must keep the order *- 001.pdf, 002.pdf *-, *- 003.pdf etc.

Trim / bleed

  • The final product size is determined by the trim size.
  • Overlap amount is determined by bleed values. Presented  material must have at least 2-3 mm bleed on all sides.

Qualitative  design

  • Press release is provided in the CMYK or Greyscale model (optional Pantone colors used in the system). Different color models according to the Printhouse procedure are automatically converted to CMYK model (automatic translation effect - some of the color discrepancy).
  • Use Eurostandard color conversion profiles corresponding paper types.
  • Raster object resolution 300-350 dpi. Single-bit objects must be 600-2540 dpi range.
  • Graphics or text information parallel to the product boundary should not be less than 5 mm to the edge.
  • Less than 0.12 mm lines should not be used.
  • Fonts used in project must be included in a PDF file (embeded). Open source files, fonts must be converted to curves. Microtypes (fonts, smaller than 1 mm in size) for printing are prepared in one 100% color.
  • Press release layout must be free of grammatical or style errors. Prepress shall not be liable for errors in the client left.