Dr_Jonas_Sliupas.jpg Dr. Jonas Šliūpas

The printing house was founded on 1 September 1923. The printing house was given the name by its founder Jonas Šliupas – a famous statesman and doctor of medicine. The name is a Lithuanian language word meaning a flint. “Without a spark produced when hitting another stone with a flint life of people would be darker”, noted Mr. Šliupas.

The first 6 employees, managers, and all the equipment came from Kaliningrad and Tilžė town. Letters were typed manually, using a hand-operated printing machine. Therefore each publication of the printing house of those times can be called a handmade creation.


In 1926 at an Agriculture and Industry Exhibition “Titnagas” was awarded the gold medal as a recognition of its high quality production.

Throughout the years and various political systems printing house “Titnagas” remained an integral part of industry of Šiauliai City and a highly capable centre for printing cultural valuables: books and newspapers and for completing the orders of the state and private companies.

The soviet publishing system set a narrow specialisation for printing house “Titnagas”: publishing of newspapers for a large part of Northern Lithuania. The printing house also produced various forms, labels, advertisements, and brochures.

After restoration of Lithuania’s independence the printing house was privatized. As the range of the services offered is rapidly expanding, the well-measured and focused investment ensures high quality and competitiveness of publishing and printing.

“Titnagas” AB is a member of Koncernas “Achemos grupė” UAB since 2001.
The Company began using quality management system ISO9001:2008 on 8 May 2007.
The printing house “Titnagas” AB is a member of associated structures Siauliai chamber of commerce, industry and crafts (Siauliai CCIC) and Šiauliai Association of Industrialists.